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Trinidad and Tobago Economy Continues To Adjust Slowly From The Decline In International Energy Prices Since 2014

Trinidad and Tobago Central Bank Governor Alvin Hilaire said this week that the domestic economy continues to adjust slowly to the terms of trade shock, as a result of the decline in international energy prices since 2014. This has translated into a reduction in foreign exchange inflows and an erosion of fiscal buffers. The resulting […]

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Barbados Has Failed To Achieve A Balance Between Foreign Exchange Inflows And Outflows

Governor of the Central Bank of Barbados Dr DeLisle Worrell in his January economic letter, titled – We are the Craftsman of our Economic Fate – has indicated that the country has failed to achieve a balance between foreign exchange inflows and outflows and has failed to achieve that balance since 2013. Commenting further he […]

Eppley Acquires Fortress Caribbean Property Fund