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The Jamaica Stock Exchange Launches The Social Enterprise Stock Market

The Jamaica Stock Exchange (JSE) has launched the Social Enterprise Stock Market, which is an additional market under the JSE and will join the main market, the junior market and the US dollar market which are trading stock daily. Five entities have so far been approved for trading on the exchange and these include, the […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

While Macro-Economic Indicators Continue To Have A Positive Outlook, The Country’s Micro-Economic Progress Remains Static.

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, has called for a collaborative approach to improve the country’s micro-economic standing, in order to attain economic growth above 2 per cent. According to the Prime Minister, while macro-economic indicators continue to have a positive outlook, the country’s micro-economic progress remains static. The Prime Minister noted that Jamaica has been doing […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

Jamaican Government To Save JA$2.4 Billion In Office Rental Costs From Development Of Government Circle Project

Prime Minister, Andrew Holness, says the Administration stands to save as much as $2.4 billion in annual office rental costs from development of the proposed Government Circle project in and around National Heroes Park in Kingston. Additionally, he envisages that the project will serve as a catalyst for other developments in the area, which will […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

National Water Commission To be listed on Jamaica Stock Exchange Via IPO As Jamaican Government Looks To Raise Equity Financing

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says the Government is exploring new business models for the National Water Commission (NWC), in an effort to transform and improve the water sector’s performance. Mr. Holness said this has become necessary following a review of the corporate governance and the business model of the water company. The Prime Minister noted […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

Government Focused On Developing Port Of Kingston Into A Modern Competitive Near-Port Logistics Centre.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, says the Government is focused on developing the lands adjacent to the port of Kingston into a modern competitive near-port logistics centre. These include the lands lying between the Causeway and the terminal, referred to as the West Terminal Lands; those currently occupied by the Kingston Free Zone and the Jamaica […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

Government Has Created An Environment Where Entrepreneurs Can Take Calculated Risks On Investments

Prime Minister Andrew Holness, has welcomed the launch of the Seprod Group’s new $3-billion state-of-the-art grains mill, Jamaica Grain and Cereals Limited, which has created employment for 300 more Jamaicans. Mr. Holness speaking at the ceremony to officially open the facility at Seprod, said it was an important signal when one of the largest food […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

Tourism Continues To Be The Main Engine Of Economic Growth

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Andrew Holness has indicated that tourism continues to be the main engine of economic growth, providing indirect employment for one in every four people in the linked sectors. These include agriculture, the creative and cultural industries, entertainment, manufacturing, transportation, finance and insurance, electricity and water, and construction. In 2016, the hotels and […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

Public-Sector Transformation Now Underway Geared Towards Facilitating Seamless Start-Up And Growth Of MSMSE – Holness

Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, has indicated that the public-sector transformation now underway will, among other things, be geared towards facilitating seamless start-up and growth of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs), which he emphasized are the bedrock of the economy. This will make it easier for MSMEs to procure licenses and permits, […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

I Urge Jamaican Manufactures To Make Every Effort To Tap Into The Latin American Market.

“I encourage our manufacturers to start looking closely at the Latin American market. There is a large Latin American market that you must penetrate; that knows about Jamaica and loves our music. We may speak different languages, but we have similar experiences and we can navigate in those markets as well. We need to expand. […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

A Very Optimistic View Of The Future Will See Kingston Becoming A Destination And The True Centre City Of The Caribbean In 10 Years.- Andrew Holness

Jamaica must begin to look beyond opportunities lost and start acting on the lessons learnt Prime Minister Andrew Holness has set a 10-year timeline to leverage Jamaica’s untapped economic potential into the paradise he said it can and should become. The following was edited from a published presentation he gave during a tour of the […]

Jamaica’s Pattern Of Studying, Consulting, Re-Consulting And Updating Its Studies, Have Impeded The Country’s Own Progress.