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Barbados 2018-2020 Economic Review

OVERVIEW In 2018 Barbados strengthened its reform impetus to start addressing its precarious balance of payments and fiscal situations. In response to the worsening fiscal and external liquidity position, the Government of Barbados (GOBD) announced in June the Barbados Economic Recovery and Transformation Plan (BERT), which aims to restore macroeconomic stability and place the economy […]

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GraceKennedy Opens US$5M Grace/La Fe Facility in New Jersey

The GraceKennedy Group took another step towards realising its  vision of becoming a Global Consumer Group on Monday, October 7, when it officially opened its brand new Grace/La Fe facility in Woodbridge, New Jersey. The facility, which cost the company some US$5M, will drive increased operating facilities and reduce costs, while having the teams centrally […]

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MoneyMondays with Kalilah Enriquez Reynolds- Trans Jamaica Highway IPO Coming Soon!

MoneyMondays for The latest business, finance and economics news in Jamaica from the country’s leading business journalist, Kalilah Reynolds. MoneyMoves Advice for businesses seeking growth. Financial literacy is becoming increasingly important in Jamaica’s changing economic landscape. As more companies go public by listing on the Jamaica Stock Exchange, and with the number of Jamaicans investing […]

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