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Joanna A. Banks Was Set To Become The Youngest And Most Powerful Woman In Corporate Jamaica And The Caribbean



When Stephen Facey, then CEO and Chairman of PanJam Investment Limited, announced the appointment of Joanna Banks, its senior vice president of new business development and strategy, as CEO, he remarks included expressions of confidence in Banks’ ability to continue PanJam’s legacy of growing stakeholder value.

“Over the past five years, PanJam has benefited significantly from Joanna’s knowledge base and international experience. She has led a number of our recent investments and initiatives with passion and resilience, qualities necessary for the path ahead,”

Commenting on the appointment Banks said,  “Over the last 55 years, the company has grown into one of the largest and most well-respected publicly-listed entities in the Caribbean, through the hard work of our team. I joined PanJam because of its reputation for investing in Jamaica for Jamaicans. I will lead PanJam in line with that legacy, for the benefit of our shareholders, our team, our partners and the nation,”

Banks assumed the role of head of the investment holding company effective July 1, 2021. A little over a year later she is again kicking more holes in the proverbial glass ceiling making it wider and more accessible for other female executives.

Jamaican conglomerates Jamaica Producers Group Limited (JP) led by Jeffrey Hall and PanJam Investment Limited (PanJam) led by Stephen Facey announced recently that they will merge their operations creating the Pan Jamaica Group Limited. The transaction is expected to be completed within the first quarter of 2023 with both the renamed Pan Jamaica Group and JP remain listed on the main market of the Jamaica Stock Exchange.

At a date to be determined during the period January 1, 2024 and January 2, 2025, Jeffrey Hall will be appointed as Executive Chairman and cease to serve as CEO of Pan Jamaica Group.

When this happens Joanna Banks will be appointed as CEO for Pan Jamaica Group and will become the most powerful woman in corporate Jamaica and without doubt its youngest.

Until that date PanJam’s current CEO, Joanna Banks will hold the position of President of Pan Jamaica Group.

Businessuite has not yet secured an interview with Joanna Banks, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for early in the new year.

As noted in another article the big question now is what is Hall’s next move, how far will he go and what’s his end game. Importantly what role will Banks play in his international game of Global Gamesmanship.

As also noted in an earlier article we suspect that Hall and Banks, will have their hands full for the next couple of years with Pan Jamaica Group.

So, who is Joanna Banks?

Joanna A. Banks, BSc., MBA, CFA joined PanJam’s Board of Directors in 2021. She joined the Company in 2016 and held the roles of Vice President and Senior Vice President of New Business Development and Strategy before her appointment to Chief Executive Officer in 2021.

Prior to joining the PanJam team, Ms. Banks worked at Exxon Mobil Corporation and Pan Caribbean Financial Services Limited (now Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited) in roles focused on corporate finance, investor relations, pension fund management and strategy.

She earned a Bachelor of Science in Systems Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. She is also a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.

Ms. Banks is a Director of Sagicor Life Jamaica Limited, Sagicor Investments Jamaica Limited, Jamaica Property Company Limited, Agostini’s Limited, Outsourcing Management Limited and Term Finance (Jamaica) Limited. She also serves as a Trustee of the C. B. Facey Foundation.

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Who is M. Georgia Gibson Henlin, KC, CIPP-E, CIPM?



M. Georgia Gibson Henlin is a distinguished attorney and the Managing Partner of Henlin Gibson Henlin, a premier law firm in Kingston, Jamaica. Known for her extensive expertise in complex dispute resolution, data protection, information technology, intellectual property, and telecommunications law, she has built a reputation as a formidable legal mind in both contentious and non-contentious fields.

Professional Background and Achievements

Georgia Gibson Henlin has an illustrious legal career, marked by numerous qualifications and recognitions. She was admitted to the Jamaican Bar in 1993, the Ontario Bar in 2002, the New York Bar in 2018, and the British Virgin Islands Bar in 2022. Her academic credentials include a Master of Law Degree in Innovation Law and Policy from the University of Toronto.

Gibson Henlin has been instrumental in shaping legal practices related to technology and data privacy in the Caribbean. She is a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP-E) and a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), demonstrating her commitment to maintaining high standards in data protection and privacy law. Additionally, she is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, underscoring her capabilities in arbitration and mediation.

Leadership and Influence

As the Managing Partner at Henlin Gibson Henlin, Georgia leads a team of highly skilled attorneys. The firm specializes in complex commercial and civil disputes, representing clients across various sectors, including banking, telecommunications, and insurance. Under her leadership, the firm has garnered a reputation for innovative legal solutions and robust advocacy in high-stakes cases​ (Henlin)​​ (Chambers Talent)​.

Her influence extends beyond her firm. Gibson Henlin has contributed significantly to the legal community through her publications on regulatory issues in telecommunications and internet protocol. She has been consistently ranked in Chambers Global for General Business Law: Dispute Resolution, reflecting her standing in the legal profession​ (Chambers Talent)​​ (Chambers Practice Guides)​.

Contributions and Recognitions

Georgia Gibson Henlin’s contributions to the field of law have been recognized with various honors. She was conferred with the Order of Distinction, Commander Class, on Jamaica’s Independence Day in 2023 for her outstanding service to the legal profession​ (Francis Grey – Cayman Islands Law Firm)​.

Her work spans multiple jurisdictions, providing specialist legal advice and representing clients in significant legal matters. Gibson Henlin is known for her strategic approach and impactful advice, which align with her clients’ commercial goals.

M. Georgia Gibson Henlin is a leading figure in the Caribbean legal landscape, known for her legal acumen, leadership, and dedication to advancing the practice of law in areas critical to modern business and technology. Her work continues to influence and shape legal standards and practices in Jamaica and beyond.

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Who is Andrea Coy, CEO of GK Foods International Business?



Andrea Coy is a seasoned executive with an extensive career in the food and finance industries. As the CEO of GK Foods International Business, she oversees the global manufacturing and distribution operations of GraceKennedy Foods across multiple regions, including the USA, Canada, the UK, Latin America and the Caribbean, Belize, West Africa, and Europe.

Career Journey and Leadership Roles

Andrea Coy began her journey with GraceKennedy Limited in April 2005, initially serving as the Financial Controller of Hi-Lo Food Stores. Her rapid rise through the ranks saw her appointed as General Manager of Hi-Lo in March 2006. By October 2010, she was leading World Brands Services, and in March 2012, she took on the role of CEO of Hardware and Lumber Limited. Her leadership prowess was further recognized in March 2014 when she became Senior General Manager for the Global Category Management Unit within the GK Foods Division.

In October 2015, Coy’s portfolio expanded as she was named CEO of GraceKennedy Foods Domestic. This role gave her responsibility for multiple segments, including Hi-Lo, Grace Foods & Services, World Brands, and several factories in Jamaica. Her current role as CEO of GK Foods International Business, assumed in January 2018, places her at the helm of the company’s extensive international operations​.

Board Memberships and Professional Affiliations

Andrea Coy’s influence extends beyond her executive duties. She is a member of the GraceKennedy Group’s Executive Committee and chairs several boards, including Grace Foods Ltd. and GraceKennedy Belize Ltd. Additionally, she holds directorships on the boards of GK Foods & Services Ltd., GraceKennedy Foods (USA) LLC, and Grace Foods UK Limited, among others.

Her expertise is further acknowledged through her role on the Bank of Jamaica Board of Directors, where she serves on the Audit Committee and chairs the HRD Committee. Coy’s background in finance is underpinned by her experience at Citibank, NA, where she served as Resident Vice President, and at Shirlome Chemical Group and Mair Russell Grant Thorton, where she held various senior positions​​.

Educational Background

Andrea Coy holds both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Accounting from the University of the West Indies, achieving honors and distinction, respectively. She is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Jamaica since 1997. To further bolster her managerial acumen, she completed professional education in Turnaround Management Strategies at Harvard Business School in 2011​​.

Impact and Vision

Under Coy’s leadership, GK Foods International Business continues to strengthen its global presence, adapting to market demands and expanding its footprint. Her strategic vision and operational expertise have been pivotal in driving the company’s growth and ensuring its competitive edge in the international market.

Andrea Coy’s journey reflects her resilience, strategic thinking, and dedication to excellence, making her a notable figure in the food industry and a leader poised to drive GraceKennedy’s international business to new heights.

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Who is Dr. Taneisha Ingleton?



Dr. Taneisha Ingleton is a prominent Jamaican leader currently serving as the Managing Director of the HEART/NSTA Trust. With a robust academic background, including a PhD, LLB, MPhil, and BA, she brings extensive expertise in human capital development, organizational leadership, and performance coaching.

Academic and Professional Background

Dr. Ingleton is a highly educated professional with a diverse academic portfolio. Her educational journey includes a PhD in Education from the University of the West Indies and an LLB from the University of London, among other qualifications. This extensive education underpins her strategic thinking and leadership capabilities​ (Home – Jamaica Observer)​.

Leadership at HEART/NSTA Trust

Since taking the helm at HEART/NSTA Trust, Dr. Ingleton has spearheaded numerous initiatives aimed at enhancing vocational and technical education in Jamaica. Under her leadership, the organization has expanded partnerships with global entities like City & Guilds, resulting in thousands of certifications across various trades and skills. She has been instrumental in modernizing the training programs to include cutting-edge fields such as autonomous robotics and digital marketing​ (Home – Jamaica Observer)​.

Key Achievements and Initiatives

Dr. Ingleton has led several significant projects at HEART/NSTA Trust, including the establishment of the first Autonomous Mobile and Aerial Robotics Lab in Montego Bay. This initiative is part of a broader strategy to equip the Jamaican workforce with skills relevant to the modern economy. Additionally, she has focused on addressing the backlog of certificates for graduates, ensuring that they receive their credentials promptly​ (Home – Jamaica Observer)​.

Commitment to Workforce Development

Her tenure is marked by a commitment to workforce development and youth empowerment. Dr. Ingleton’s efforts are aimed at not only improving technical and vocational education but also aligning these programs with the needs of Jamaica’s evolving economic landscape. Her strategic vision includes boosting support for the manufacturing sector and increasing enrolment in training programs through digital platforms​ (Home – Jamaica Observer)​.

Dr. Taneisha Ingleton’s leadership at HEART/NSTA Trust exemplifies a blend of academic excellence, strategic foresight, and a deep commitment to national development, making her a pivotal figure in Jamaica’s educational and economic sectors.



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Who is Senator the Honourable Dr. Dana Morris Dixon?



Senator the Honourable Dr. Dana Morris Dixon is a distinguished figure in both the public and private sectors of Jamaica, known for her significant contributions to business and governance. Currently serving as Minister without Portfolio in the Office of the Prime Minister, she oversees Skills and Digital Transformation, as well as the National Identification System and the Registrar General’s Department.

Educational Background and Early Career
Dr. Morris Dixon’s academic credentials are impressive. She is a Fulbright Scholar, holding a Bachelor’s degree in Economics (First Class Honours) and a Master’s degree in Government (Distinction) from the University of the West Indies. She furthered her studies with a PhD in International Studies from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies and completed an executive program at Harvard Business School.

Her career began in academia at the University of the West Indies, where she taught undergraduate and graduate courses and contributed to the Jamaica Economy Project, a precursor to the Caribbean Policy Research Institute.

Private Sector Leadership
In the business realm, Dr. Morris Dixon held several senior executive roles at the Jamaica National Group, including Managing Director of JN General Insurance Ltd. She led significant strategic projects such as the establishment of JN Bank and the creation of the group’s new structure in 2017. Notably, she played a pivotal role in launching the first Caribbean bank authorized in the United Kingdom in 2020.

Her expertise was also instrumental in the successful completion of Jamaica’s National Risk Assessment in 2021, crucial for the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) Action Plan, while on secondment to the Bank of Jamaica.

Public Sector Contributions
Dr. Morris Dixon’s public service is equally notable. Besides her current ministerial duties, she has served on the Jamaica Education Transformation Commission and various other boards and committees, advocating for women’s advancement in leadership roles. Her efforts are directed towards fostering a digitally empowered society and improving vocational training to meet the private sector’s needs.

Commitment to National Development
Prime Minister Andrew Holness and Governor-General Sir Patrick Allen have both highlighted her dedication to national ideals and policymaking acumen, emphasizing her role in driving digital transformation and vocational training initiatives. These initiatives aim to enhance the skillset of approximately 700,000 Jamaicans not formally counted in the labour force, thus supporting economic growth.

Dr. Dana Morris Dixon’s blend of academic excellence, business acumen, and public service commitment makes her a vital asset to Jamaica’s development and a role model for future leaders.

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Ambassador Marks Champions Investment in Women



Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, has called for increased investment in women as a moral and strategic global necessity.

She argued that, as half of the world’s population, women are not just participants but key drivers of economic growth.

She noted that they occupy diverse roles as scientists, military members, entrepreneurs, educators, and political leaders, underscoring their essential contribution across the spectrum of human endeavour.

“Women play a crucial role in confronting some of the most pressing global challenges today, from geopolitical conflicts and rising poverty levels to the escalating impacts of climate change,” she added.

Ambassador Marks, who was addressing an International Women’s Conference in New York recently, noted that despite the role and contributions of women, the current rate of investment in women is woefully inadequate.

She said that an additional US$360 billion per year is required by developing countries to achieve gender equality under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“At this trajectory, more than 340 million women and girls will still live in extreme poverty by 2030,” Ambassador Marks lamented.
She noted that closing gender gaps in employment could boost GDP per capita by an impressive 20 per cent,” illustrating the vast economic benefits of gender parity.

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks (second right), shares a photo opportunity with (from left) Chief Executive Officer of Nevalliance, Dr. Neva Alexander; Jamaica’s Consul General in New York, Alsion Wilson; former President of the Jamaica Nurses Group of New York, Claudette Powell; and past presidents of the Union of Jamaica Alumni Associations in the United States, Karlene Largie and Lesleyann Samuels. Ambassador Marks was at the International Women’s Conference hosted by Nevalliance at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, on March 9.

In her rallying cry for societal change, Ambassador Marks noted the potential for transformative change through collective action and commitment to women’s economic liberation.

She called on women to step forward as active participants in the fight for gender equality.

Emphasising the conference’s theme, ‘Leading Ladies’, Ambassador Marks championed the idea that women must not only advocate for change but embody it, inspiring others by becoming exemplary figures in all spheres of life.

“We must all become leading ladies in our own right. Let us be the change we wish to see,” she urged, calling on women to lead by example and show the world the strength and capability inherent in female leadership.

Jamaica’s Ambassador to the United States, Her Excellency Audrey Marks, is greeted by New York State Senator, Kevin Parker, on her arrival at International Women’s Conference at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, on March 9. Looking on (from left) are Jamaica’s Consul General in New York, Alsion Wilson, and Chief Executive Officer of Nevalliance, Dr. Neva Alexander.

Reflecting on her own experiences, Ambassador Marks shared powerful lessons on embracing innovation, the value of relationships, and the uncompromising importance of integrity.

She called on leaders, policymakers, and community members to invest in women, highlighting the undeniable return on investment for society’s broader prosperity and well-being.

“To forge a future where everyone thrives, we must all contribute to creating a world brimming with opportunities, where women empowerment is the norm, not the exception,” she said.

The International Women’s Conference, organised by professional development company Nevalliance, was aimed at enhancing awareness about women’s issues and generate resources to support their growth.

By: March 18, 2024

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