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How To Define The Standards of Your Services

Every organization exists in order to serve people. Its goodwill and image are dependent upon the standards of its ser¬vices. Its long-term success or failure is also influenced by the quality of its ser¬vices. Consequently, most organizations strive to provide a good standard of ser¬vice. Some, however, do not clearly define the detailed standards. The […]

State of the MSME Sector in CARICOM – Prospects for the Future

Prime Minister, Withdraw All The Additional Taxes That Were Announced By Finance Minister And Go Forward With A Policy Of “Higher Growth And Lower Taxes”. Jain

An Open Letter To Prime Minister Andrew Holness Dear Hon. Prime Minister Re: Additional Tax Package for FY 2017/18 I am concerned about the Budget as presented. It is not a good move for the country .Hence, I feel that it is my duty to write this letter for your kind consideration. I believe that […]

JMMB Group Limited Announces Holdings in Sagicor Financial Company Ltd.

Why Is The Market So Bullish On Pulse Investments And Blue Power? – Small Trades Giving Big Price Movements!

Over the last four (4) months those of you who are avid viewers of the JSE daily stock price movements would have noticed dramatic movements in the stock prices for Blue Power and Pulse Investments. Under normal conditions and for companies much larger and profitable these would not have attracted much attention. This is the […]

Scotia Group Reporting Net Income Of JA$13B For 2019, An Increase Of JA$419M Or 3.28% Over 2019

In My View The GOJ Should Focus On Improving Tax Compliance and Have Confidence In Its Plan To Do So – Jain

Noted Jamaican Financial Analyst Sushil Jain offers his views and comments on the Budget Speech and the Revenue Measures recently tabled by the Jamaican Government. 1. Encouraging Points about Actions taken from the Speech: • Restoration of the Junior Market tax incentive • Granting of two new banking licenses • Approval of the Mobile Money […]

Scotia Group Reporting Net Income Of JA$13B For 2019, An Increase Of JA$419M Or 3.28% Over 2019