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Time For Businesses To Be Innovative If You Are Just Doing What You Used To Do Before, Then You’re Going Down – Warner

Local businesses need to be unconventional in their thinking and unshakeable, innovative and “unfoolish” in their execution if they are to soar above the current financial recession. Nothing can be achieved by ordinary means, so if we want to soar above this recession, we cannot be trapped into ordinary thinking. I have identified the foreign […]

Jamaica’s Economic Independence Will Require “Long-Term Thinking”

While The Group Experienced Great Accomplishments in 2016 Massy Also Faced Some Challenges.

Key Items In The 2016 Period: • Third Party Revenue decreased 3 percent or $411 million, from $11.9 billion to $11.5 billion. There was a 45 percent or $489 million reduction in revenue from the Energy businesses in Colombia and Trinidad and Tobago. • Earnings Before Finance Costs and Tax decreased by 8 percent, from […]

Medical Disposables & Supplies Limited Breaks JA$2B Revenue Barrier

Continued Service-Based Leadership Transformation At Massy Holdings.

This year, we charged ourselves with the task of transforming the leadership of the organisation by changing and clearly articulating the expectations of Massy leaders, across all businesses. The expectations are based on more service oriented, values-based leadership, which is recognised as essential to the sustained success of the Group. The roll-out of the new […]

Jamaica’s Economic Independence Will Require “Long-Term Thinking”