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Digicel Group To Cut Debt Through A Mixture Of Earnings Growth And So-Called Inorganic Measures

Denis O’Brien’s Digicel Group, the mobile carrier, has told bondholders it plans to cut debt through a mixture of earnings growth and so-called inorganic measures, sources said. Digicel aims to reduce borrowings to about 5.7 times earnings in the fiscal year 2019 from around 6.7 times in the preceding year, the sources said. Capital expenditure […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

If The Local Media Goes Out Of Business – If They Cannot Afford To Pay For Real Journalism, If All You Have Is Fake News – O’Brien

Digicel Group Chairman Denis O’Brien has highlighted the impact that the online advertising funded model of internet providers is having on traditional media, as he addressed regulators from more than 60 countries at the recently concluded 17th Global Symposium for Regulators in the Bahamas. Politicians he said should realise that if the local media goes […]

Corporate Movements February 2019

New Developments In Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Algorithms And Robots Are Changing The World In Many Ways – O’Brien

Denis O’Brien Digicel Group Chairman has stressed the need for regulators to create equal opportunities for all participants in digital businesses, including over-the-top operators, governments and telecoms providers. O’Brien also emphasised that new developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, algorithms and robots are changing the world in many ways, and that the unregulated nature of […]

Corporate Movements February 2019