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Knutsford Express Recorded 40% Increase In Net Profit To $170M For 2016/17

Oliver Townsend CEO of Knutsford Express is reporting that the 2016/17 financial year saw the company continuing on its strong and sustained growth path with the business recording a 40% increase in net profit to $170M over 2016 with a corresponding 33% growth in assets from $442M in 2016 to $587M. With growth in revenues […]

How To Define The Standards of Your Services

Every organization exists in order to serve people. Its goodwill and image are dependent upon the standards of its ser¬vices. Its long-term success or failure is also influenced by the quality of its ser¬vices. Consequently, most organizations strive to provide a good standard of ser¬vice. Some, however, do not clearly define the detailed standards. The […]

Paramount Trading Looking To Tourism And Agriculture And Export Of Lubricants And Chemicals To Increase Footprint And Profitability.

For the 2016-2017 financial year Paramount Trading’s performance was fairly solid as revenue grew by $131.5 Million reaching $1.15 Billion up from $1.02 Billion in the previous year, this according to Hugh Graham CEO & Managing Director of company in his report to shareholders contained in the company’s 2017 annual report. Graham who founded the […]

Standard Poor’s Downgrades Barbados For The Second Time In Six Months

International rating agency Standard Poor’s (S&P) this week downgraded Barbados for the second time in six months, lowering its long-term local currency rating from CCC+ to CCC. In giving the rating a negative outlook, S&P said this reflected the potential for a downgrade over the next 12 months should the Government fail to advance measures […]

Palace Amusement Experiencing Significant Jumps In Stock Price Over The Last 9 Months

The Palace Amusement Company Limited is reporting a substantial improvement in net profits of $42.8M for the financial year ending June 2017, up from $15.7M for the 2016 period. The company was also able to report improved earning per stock unit of $22.97 up from $11.38 for 2016. Jamaica’s only cinema company was able to […]

T&T Can Earn Much-Needed Foreign Exchange Selling More Natural Gas To Europe – Biesebroek

The head of the European Union Delegation to Port of Spain, Ambassador Arend Aad Biesebroek, is recommending that the Trinidad & Tobago Government and the private sector accelerate renewable energy usage, to help mitigate the effects of climate change, while earning much-needed foreign exchange selling more natural gas to Europe. Speaking in Port of Spain […]

JMMB Bank CEO Jerome Smalling Accelerating Rate Of Customer Acquisition With Aggressive Push

The JMMB Group has embarked on a 2017/2018 strategic focus to improve sales productivity and capacity while increasing client reach, this as it moves to position itself as a stronger player in the Jamaican commercial banking space by 2020. JMMB Group plans to target nearly three-quarters of small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on financing […]

The Electric Car Reinvented By Dyson?

The maker of high-end vacuum cleaners and fans is turning to electric car manufacturing. UK technology group Dyson is working on a premium electric car to go on sale in 2020, entering the motor industry at a time of intense change and disruption. Meanwhile in India, a different type of electrical vehicle is gaining market […]

UK and Canada React Angrily to US Tariffs on Bombardier

The US Department of Commerce imposed preliminary tariffs of up to 219 per cent after Boeing alleged the Canadian aircraft maker had been able to sell its regional C Series jets at below cost in the US because of subsidies from the UK and Canadian governments. Theresa May, the British prime minister, said her government […]

Twitter Testing Tweets With As Many As 280 Characters.

Twitter Inc. announced yesterday that it will be lifting its 140-character limit on tweets, in an experiment with a small group that may expand to the entire social media platform. Struggling to attract new users, Twitter said the test will let users send tweets with as many as 280 characters. Lengthening the character limit may […]