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Meet 7-Year-Old Ryan The Highest-Paid Youtube Star Earning $22 Million In 12 Months

The highest-paid YouTube star is reportedly a 7-year-old. The totally artless concept behind Ryan ToysReview is that wee Ryan rips open packages of toys and plays with them while the camera rolls; Forbes estimates that Ryan, a first-grader, earned $22 million in the 12 months leading up to June 1, mostly from pre-roll ads, making […]

Samsung and Microsoft Expand Strategic Partnership to Deliver Unified Experiences Across Mobile Devices

Growing List Of International And Big Budget Advertisers Taking Decision To Halt Further Advertising On Google and Youtube

AT&T and Johnson & Johnson have joined the growing list of international and big budget advertisers taking decisions to halt further advertising on Google’s YouTube and the internet company’s display network fearing their ads were running with YouTube videos that promoted terrorism or anti-Semitism. The U.K. government, the Guardian newspaper and Havas SA, the world’s […]

Jamaica GSS Project To Assist Local Firms To Digitise Operations And Embrace Growing Trends In The Sector.