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Blue Power Group To Spin Off Lumber Depot Division As Separate Company In Move To Position It For Growth Through Acquisitions Or Mergers

The Directors of the Blue Power Group Limited have reportedly reached the conclusion, that having the Lumber Depot Division operate as a separate company will enhance its prospects for growth through acquisitions of and/or mergers with other companies in related lines of business. This as they look to the issue of growth of the two […]

Jamaica Welcomes Two Million Visitors For The First Half Of 2019, Earning US$2 Billion In Revenues.

Blue Power Group Profits Bolstered Significantly By Favourable Changes In US$ Exchange Rate.

Chairman of the Blue Power Group Limited, Dhiru Tanna, is reporting in the company’s just released Unaudited Financial Statements for the Quarter Ended July 31, 2018, increased sales and significantly improved profits. In the period under review profits have been bolstered significantly due to favourable changes in the exchange rate. He reported that the company […]

GWest Corporation Directors Assuring Shareholders And Investors That They Are Confident That The Company Will Continue As A Going Concern