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GraceKennedy Associated Company in Barbados, Signia Financial Group Inc. Acquires Globe Finance Inc.

GraceKennedy Limited (GKL) has announced that one of its associated companies in Barbados, Signia Financial Group Inc., has acquired Globe Finance Inc. The transaction is estimated to cost a total of BBD11.8 million and will result in the formation of the amalgamated company, which will be known as SigniaGlobe Financial Group Inc. GKL currently holds […]

Angostura Holdings Limited Reporting Increased Profit After Tax Of TT$18.8M Or 16.9% For The Fiscal Year 2018

Gracekennedy Group Confirms Merger Talks Between Signia Financial Group And Globe Finance Inc

GraceKennedy Group has confirmed by way of a notice to The Trinidad and Tobago Stock Exchange that Signia Financial Group Inc. is exploring a potential merger with Globe Finance Inc., this pursuant to a non-binding Letter of Intent signed by the company’s respective shareholders. GraceKennedy Group has a 40% interest in Signia Financial Group which […]

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