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Knutsford Express Recorded 40% Increase In Net Profit To $170M For 2016/17

Oliver Townsend CEO of Knutsford Express is reporting that the 2016/17 financial year saw the company continuing on its strong and sustained growth path with the business recording a 40% increase in net profit to $170M over 2016 with a corresponding 33% growth in assets from $442M in 2016 to $587M. With growth in revenues […]

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Knutsford Express Continued Focus On Fleet Expansion, Modernization And High Specification Coaches Yielding Results.

Oliver Townsend president and ceo of Knutsford Express Limited is reporting that the company is now satisfying passenger needs for comfort and safety while controlling operating costs due to their continued focus on fleet expansion, modernization and high specification coaches. The development of the Sangster International Airport terminal is also well underway and improved customer […]

Knutsford Express Recorded 40% Increase In Net Profit To $170M For 2016/17

Knutsford Express Shareholders To Considers 5 for 1 Stock Split

Knutsford Express Services Limited (KEX) advised that at a Board of Directors meeting held on April 11, 2017, the Board approved the following: (1) that each ordinary share of the Company be subdivided into five shares resulting in the Authorized Share Capital of the company increasing from 100,005,000 shares to 500,025,000 shares of no par […]

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