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JMMB Bank CEO Jerome Smalling Accelerating Rate Of Customer Acquisition With Aggressive Push

The JMMB Group has embarked on a 2017/2018 strategic focus to improve sales productivity and capacity while increasing client reach, this as it moves to position itself as a stronger player in the Jamaican commercial banking space by 2020. JMMB Group plans to target nearly three-quarters of small and medium-sized enterprises that rely on financing […]

Eppley Acquires Fortress Caribbean Property Fund

Three Recent Occurrences Have Captured The Attention Of A Global Audience Due To Their Potential Indirect And Direct Global Impact

Keynote Speaker Mr. Sree Ramaswamy, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Senator the Honourable Kamina Johnson Smith, PSOJ Executives and Guest Panelists, Sponsors the JMMB Group, Continental Baking Company, GB Energy Group, DRT Communications, Lucralux Marketing and the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, the general PSOJ Membership and other invited guests …………. Good Morning. I take […]

Digital Technology Has Redefined How We Live And Work: NCB 2.0 IS DIGITAL

Jamaicans Must Shift Their Focus To Workforce Productivity – Scott

Paul Scott, President of the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica has called on Jamaicans to shift their focus to the productivity of the workforce, suggesting that unless Jamaicans improve productivity, they were not going to see any improvement in the performance of the currency, and that it was an absolute reality and what needs to […]

Eppley Acquires Fortress Caribbean Property Fund

Jamaica Money Market Brokers To Now Operate As JMMB Investments – Stimpson

Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited (JMMB Ltd), a subsidiary of the JMMB Group, has announced that it has registered a new business name, JMMB Investments. This new business name became effective on May 1, having received the certificate of registration from the Companies Office of Jamaica. The company’s legal name (Jamaica Money Market Brokers Limited) […]

Eppley Acquires Fortress Caribbean Property Fund

JMMB Group’s 55% Jump In Net Profits Attributed To Growth Across All Its Revenue Lines – Keith Duncan

Keith Duncan’s JMMB Group has reported a 55% jump in net profits attributed to growth across all its revenue lines such as net gains on securities, net interest income, fees and commission and net foreign exchange trading. For the nine month period ended December 2016, net profit was reported at J$2.68 billion. Meanwhile, operating revenue […]

Eppley Acquires Fortress Caribbean Property Fund