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Paramount Trading Looking To Tourism And Agriculture And Export Of Lubricants And Chemicals To Increase Footprint And Profitability.

For the 2016-2017 financial year Paramount Trading’s performance was fairly solid as revenue grew by $131.5 Million reaching $1.15 Billion up from $1.02 Billion in the previous year, this according to Hugh Graham CEO & Managing Director of company in his report to shareholders contained in the company’s 2017 annual report. Graham who founded the […]

Access Financial Services Recording 16% Increase In 2018 Q1 NPAT

Graham Paramount’s Holdings Swells From US$2.9M To US$30.2 M On Today’s Trading Price.

And in a clear and convincing demonstration of the ability of the stock market to create real wealth, Hugh Graham founder and chief executive officer of Paramount Trading held 123 million stock units, a 80% control in the company, valued at $2.9 million US dollars at the end of August 2016. During Paramount’s November 2016 […]

Bank Of Jamaica Designing New Reporting Forms To Capture Vital Information On The Extent Of Private-Sector Credit Being Provided To Micro, Small, And Medium-Sized Enterprises