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Arthur Lok Jack, Reporting Satisfaction With The Guardian Groups Solid Performance In 2016

Arthur Lok Jack, Chairman of the Guardian Group is reporting satisfaction with the company’s solid performance in 2016 which saw the Group delivering profit to equity holders of TT$396 million, an 18% increase over the 2015 figure of TT$335 million. Reporting further in the Groups 2016 Annual Report Lok Jack said that solid underwriting results […]

Scotia Group Reporting Net Income Of JA$13B For 2019, An Increase Of JA$419M Or 3.28% Over 2019

Jamaica’s Economy on the Up & Up – How did Guardian Group’s business in Jamaica fare?

The rally of the Jamaican economy has had profound effects on the people living there, which has translated into many positive changes for Guardian Group. After a three-decade long struggle with low growth and high public debt, Jamaica’s government a year ago initiated a comprehensive economic stabilisation programme. The Jamaican economy went through a number […]

State of the MSME Sector in CARICOM – Prospects for the Future

Setting the Tone- The Guardian of the Future

Leveraging leading-edge technology combined with a focus on people is the recipe for our organisational and societal success. Guardian Group is a product of the Caribbean people, its seas, its soil and its sunshine. Our company rests on the shoulders of 170 years of human toil, caring and triumph. We are the product of a […]

State of the MSME Sector in CARICOM – Prospects for the Future