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Royal Dutch Shell Reporting Profits More Than Doubled In Q4 Last Year

Royal Dutch Shell has reported profits more than doubled in the fourth quarter of last year, despite the group taking a $2bn charge related to President Donald Trump’s US tax reforms. A recovery in oil prices coupled with steep cost cuts after a three-year downturn are fuelling a resurgence in cash flow and profitability at […]

Global Smartphone Boom May Have Peaked – IMF

US On Course To Overtake Saudi Arabia And Russia To Become The World’s Largest Crude Producer

US oil production has returned to its record high some 47 years after the last Texas oil boom gushed to the previous mark in 1970. Soaring output from shale wells has put the US on course to overtake Saudi Arabia and Russia to become the world’s largest crude producer. The Energy Information Administration estimated on […]

Global Smartphone Boom May Have Peaked – IMF

Low Production By Venezuelan Oil Monopoly And Global Drop In Crude Prices Throw Country Into Crisis.

Although Venezuela sits atop the world’s largest oil reserves, low production by the state oil monopoly and the global drop in crude prices has thrown the Latin American country into crisis. Inflation in the economically struggling nation reached a staggering 2,600 percent last year, underline the problems besetting Venezuela, where food, medicines and other basic […]

JMMB Group Chairman Congratulates Mrs. Street Forrest For Her Effectiveness As The Leader At The Jamaica Stock Exchange