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Blackberry’s Chief Executive Officer John Chen Surpassed His Target Of US$640 Million In Software Revenue For Fiscal 2017

BlackBerry’s Chief Executive Officer John Chen surpassed his target of US$640 million in software revenue for fiscal 2017 as the company transitions from a phone company and finally starting to look like a real software company. Three years of acquisitions, layoffs and trying to convince customers it could do more than build smartphones, has paid […]

Chinese And U.S. Top Trade Negotiators Still Talking

Blackberry Suing Nokia Over Claims That It Made Use Of Nearly A Dozen Of Its Inventions Without Permission

Blackberry is suing Nokia over claims that it made use of nearly a dozen of its inventions without permission. The patent infringement allegations concern data transmission technologies involved in 4G and other types of mobile networks. Blackberry claims several of Nokia’s transmitters and software programs use its intellectual property. The case is being pursued in […]

Chinese And U.S. Top Trade Negotiators Still Talking

Blackberry’s Transition To A Higher-Margin Software Company Is Paying Off

BlackBerry’s transition to a higher-margin software company from ailing smartphone maker is paying off as the company boosted its fiscal 2017 earnings outlook and posted a profit in the third quarter. BlackBerry now gets more than half of total revenue from its collection of software products, which include operating systems for car entertainment systems, secure […]

Chinese And U.S. Top Trade Negotiators Still Talking