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Google Still Most Valuable Brand In The World, Alibaba And Tencent In Top 10 Also

Two of the world’s biggest brands are now Chinese, this according to a new list of the world’s most valuable brands recently put out. China claimed two of the top spots for the first time. Alibaba has joined the top 10, alongside Chinese tech group Tencent, as well as stalwarts such as Google and Apple. […]

WhatsApp Business Expanded To More Vendors, Allowing For Direct One-To-One Communication With Customers.

Growing List Of International And Big Budget Advertisers Taking Decision To Halt Further Advertising On Google and Youtube

AT&T and Johnson & Johnson have joined the growing list of international and big budget advertisers taking decisions to halt further advertising on Google’s YouTube and the internet company’s display network fearing their ads were running with YouTube videos that promoted terrorism or anti-Semitism. The U.K. government, the Guardian newspaper and Havas SA, the world’s […]

Electronics Engineer Lindon Falconer Believes His Invention Can Potentially Enhance Security In Jamaica