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Berger Paints Jamaica Placing Greater Emphasis On Building Exports, Targeting New Markets In Central America And The Greater CARICOM Region In 2018

Andy Mahadeo, Director and acting General Manager for Berger Paints Jamaica Limited is reporting that the company’s outlook for 2018 and beyond is extremely positive, as the Berger brand remains strong and continues to dominate the local market with strong brand equity and a reputation for quality. Addressing shareholders in the just released Annual Report […]

The Tourism Industry Is On Track To Become Jamaica’s Fastest Growing Economic Engagement.

Berger Paints Jamaica Revenue Decline Deliberate Strategy Of Aggressive Pricing To Drive Volume Growth And Take Market Share

Andy Mahadeo, the Director and acting General Manager for Berger Paints Jamaica Limited, is reporting in the company’s just released Annual Report for 2017, revenues of JA$1.91B for the nine-month period and JA$2.36B for the 12-month period ended March 2017. Net profits for the corresponding nine and twelve months were JA$174.13M and JA$315.56M respectively. Following […]

Guardian Group Reporting Excellent Results For 2018, With Profits Of TT$534 Million, An Increase Of 31% Over 2017 TT$407 Million.