Every organization exists in order to serve people. Its goodwill and image are dependent upon the standards of its ser¬vices. Its long-term success or failure is also influenced by the quality of its ser¬vices. Consequently, most organizations strive to provide a good standard of ser¬vice. Some, however, do not clearly define the detailed standards. The […]
For the 2016-2017 financial year Paramount Trading’s performance was fairly solid as revenue grew by $131.5 Million reaching $1.15 Billion up from $1.02 Billion in the previous year, this according to Hugh Graham CEO & Managing Director of company in his report to shareholders contained in the company’s 2017 annual report. Graham who founded the […]
The maker of high-end vacuum cleaners and fans is turning to electric car manufacturing. UK technology group Dyson is working on a premium electric car to go on sale in 2020, entering the motor industry at a time of intense change and disruption. Meanwhile in India, a different type of electrical vehicle is gaining market […]