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New Developments In Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Algorithms And Robots Are Changing The World In Many Ways – O’Brien

Denis O’Brien Digicel Group Chairman has stressed the need for regulators to create equal opportunities for all participants in digital businesses, including over-the-top operators, governments and telecoms providers. O’Brien also emphasised that new developments in artificial intelligence, virtual reality, algorithms and robots are changing the world in many ways, and that the unregulated nature of […]

Peter Moses Now Chairman of FGB as Douglas Orane Retires

A Future Where Everyone And Everything Is Connected To The Internet – Son

Masayoshi Son, head of the Japanese holding company SoftBank, says he sees a future where everyone and everything is connected to the internet, traffic accidents don’t happen and robots are smarter than humans — and that this is a good thing. Ahead of a speech in Tokyo, the company announced almost half a billion dollars’ […]

Google Jumps Deeper Into Hardware Business With HTC

Flow Trinidad Offers Employees VSEP In Response To Contracting Economy And Ensure Business Viability

Reports out of Trinidad and Tobago are that Flow Trinidad, in a move to find ways to respond to the contracting economy and ensure viability of its business, has offered employees voluntary separation of employment (VSEP) packages. The 700 people employed by the telecommunications company was informed of the initiative earlier this week and were […]

Peter Moses Now Chairman of FGB as Douglas Orane Retires

US Tech Stocks Surge Past Dotcom Bubble Peak, Buoyed By Better Than Expected Earnings And Corporate Profits.

US tech stocks have broken a record, surging past their dotcom bubble peak, buoyed by better than expected earnings and an ongoing recovery in corporate profits. The S&P 500 Information Technology Index, which measures the largest companies in the industry, rose for the ninth consecutive day on Wednesday, closing up 0.6 per cent at 992.29. […]

Google Jumps Deeper Into Hardware Business With HTC

13 % Of All Foreign Exchange Transactions Are Associated With Online Shopping – T&T Government Not Happy.

Trinidad and Tobago as in many countries around the world has seen the popularity of online purchases increase significantly over the past few years. And in the twin island state it is said that between 12 to 13 per cent of all foreign exchange transactions are associated with online shopping. Faced with the urgent need […]

Peter Moses Now Chairman of FGB as Douglas Orane Retires

Will Caribbean Entrepreneurs Take On Bike-Sharing Service Mobike, the “Uber of bikes”?

Caribbean entrepreneurs take note. China’s latest export to the world is its bike-sharing service called Mobike.  Known as the “Uber of bikes”, Mobike is one of China’s most promising start-ups and are the product of a whole host of new startups, aggressively competing for territory and investment. The way it works is simple enough in […]

Google Jumps Deeper Into Hardware Business With HTC

Apple Working On Feature That Will Let You Unlock Your Iphone Using Your Face Instead Of Fingerprint

Apple is said to be working on a new feature that will let you unlock your iPhone using your face instead of a fingerprint. The new iPhone powered by a new 3-D sensor, is set to go on sale later this year with an improved security system that will allow users to log in, authenticate […]

Google Jumps Deeper Into Hardware Business With HTC

Productive Business Solutions Taps Capital Market With IPO To Raise US$41.5 Million

Productive Business Solutions (PBS) is going to the local capital market with an Initial Public Offering (IPO) to raise US$41.5 million, in an offer that opens on July 5 and closes on July 24, with NCB Capital Markets as its lead broker. PBS incorporated in Barbados and licensed as an international business company intends to […]

Mayberry Investments Joins John Jackson, In Calling For A Rejection Of Ansa Coating International’s Offer – Updated

What Is The Real Intent And Motive Of The Current Petya Ransomware Cyberattack?

According to a Bloomberg report Raj Samani, chief scientist at McAfee, a cyber-security company owned by Intel Corp. is casting some doubts as to the real intent and motive of the current Petya ransomware cyberattack. According to Samani, if it is a ransomware campaign to make money it doesn’t add up as there were many […]

Google Jumps Deeper Into Hardware Business With HTC

Google Disagrees With EU Findings & €2.4bn Antitrust Fine

The EU has hit Google with a €2.4bn antitrust fine for abusing its dominance in search, a decision with potentially far-reaching implications for both the tech sector and already strained transatlantic relations. The fine is the biggest ever for such an antitrust case. It comes after a seven-year investigation led the European Commission to conclude […]

Google Jumps Deeper Into Hardware Business With HTC