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Agent Banking We Knew Was Going To Be “Blue Ocean” Territory

When we started the journey in 2017 to deliver Agent Banking, we knew it was going to be “blue ocean” territory, but we knew we had the right people, brand, products and services to credibly deliver this new innovation to communities across Jamaica. FINANCIAL INCLUSION: Agent Banking is another innovation from the GK Group as […]

JMMB Group Launches JMMB Express Finance (T&T) Limited.

Walkbout Aiming To Help SME Tour and Experience Operators Grow Their Business

www.walkbout.com Executive Chairman of Walkbout International LLC Aldo Antonio says that Walkbout SACP, The Walkbout Supplier & Affiliate Community Programme (SACP) is positioned to help SME entrepreneurs around the Caribbean and the world. According to the Walkbout Chairman,SACP is a community capacity building programme focused on and encouraging entrepreneurship by helping other entrepreneurs who want […]

Jamaica Capitalizing On Its Potential and Benefits from Gastronomy Tourism

Yahoo Scanning People’s Email For Information To Sell To Advertisers – WSJ

The Wall Street Journal is this week reporting that Yahoo is scanning people’s email for information to sell to advertisers. According to the report, the tech giant scans more than 200 million Yahoo Mail inboxes for information about what people have bought, such as receipts from department stores or automotive loan companies. Executives at Yahoo, […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.

Our Vision Is To See Jamaica Grow To 100 Per Cent Internet Penetration

“Our vision is to see Jamaica grow from 60 per cent Internet penetration today, to 100 per cent; which means that this journey of LTE coverage expansion gives us a tremendous opportunity to use increased broadband penetration as one of the drivers of economic growth. This is about taking Jamaica to the next level and […]

JMMB Group Launches JMMB Express Finance (T&T) Limited.

FAANG Group Post Mixed Earnings Reports

The latest earnings reports for members of the Faang group of tech giants — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google — are making what has been a winning trade for investors look more complex. Amazon blew past Wall Street forecasts on Thursday as its diversification into higher-margin cloud computing and the dominance of its online […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.

Google To invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce site JD.com

Google is investing $550 million in cash in China’s JD.com as the U.S. search giant pushes deeper into online commerce. The pair say they plan to explore joint development of retail solutions in regions, including Southeast Asia, the U.S. and Europe. The deal comes just a week after Google struck an alliance with Carrefour to […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.

Jamaican Student Entrepreneurs Win Top Spots In Prestigious International Business Model Competition

Photo Caption: Paul Ahlstrom, Founder & CEO of Alta Ventures, USA, with Lancelot Riley, Founder & CEO, BEASC TECHNOLOGIES, the 2018 International Business Model Competition. Two Jamaican student entrepreneur teams from Northern Caribbean University and the University of the West Indies have won the top two spots in the prestigious International Business Model Competition (IBMC) […]

JMMB Group Launches JMMB Express Finance (T&T) Limited.

Trump Wants ZTE Back Into Business Fast

US President Donald Trump’s surprise reprieve for ZTE Corp has paved the way for a Chinese delegation’s arrival in Washington for at least three days of talks aimed at averting a trade war, according to people briefed on the discussions. China’s foreign ministry confirmed on Monday that vice-premier Liu He would travel to the US […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.

The Latest Product And Platform Innovations From Google IO 2018 – Video

Google has introduced a number of new products and technology upgrades at its recent annual developer conference that showed the internet giant lagging behind Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. in some areas, while driving home its superiority in artificial intelligence. One notable new service seeks to tackle Tech Addiction, as Google also wants the public […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.