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6 Reasons Why Finding and Securing The Right Mentor Can Double Your Success

Did you know that the number one secret to the success of many entrepreneurs and business executives is mentorship? Whether you an entrepreneur seeking to grow your business or an individual seeking to build your personal brand and a successful career, mentoring is one of the most important contributors to business success. Many fortune 5000 […]

Patricia Hayle Selected as the 2018 ICAJ Distinguished Member Awardee.

Enhancing The BOJ’s Governance Structure Through Clear Demarcation And Assignment Of Roles For Policy Decision-Making And Daily Management.

The proposed amendments relate to the Bank of Jamaica Act, Banking Services Act, and the Public Bodies Management and Accountability Act. The changes are intended to enhance the BOJ’s governance structure through clear demarcation and assignment of roles for policy decision-making and daily management. The objective is to ensure that strong systems of accountability are […]

We Are In A Brave New New World, Requiring A Different, Mature, Nationalist Approach

Our Vision Is To See Jamaica Grow To 100 Per Cent Internet Penetration

“Our vision is to see Jamaica grow from 60 per cent Internet penetration today, to 100 per cent; which means that this journey of LTE coverage expansion gives us a tremendous opportunity to use increased broadband penetration as one of the drivers of economic growth. This is about taking Jamaica to the next level and […]

JMMB Group Launches JMMB Express Finance (T&T) Limited.

FAANG Group Post Mixed Earnings Reports

The latest earnings reports for members of the Faang group of tech giants — Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix and Google — are making what has been a winning trade for investors look more complex. Amazon blew past Wall Street forecasts on Thursday as its diversification into higher-margin cloud computing and the dominance of its online […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.

Gracekennedy Heads Into A Multi-Year Transformational Journey

As GraceKennedy Limited heads into its 100th birthday in 2022, it has announced a round of restructuring activities starting July 2018. This restructuring is one of the strategic steps that the business will be taking, as it embarks on a multi-year transformational journey, aimed at optimizing the Group’s structure for improved performance and shareholder value, […]

JMMB Group Launches JMMB Express Finance (T&T) Limited.

Tourism Is Now Jamaica’s Best Bet In Quest To Attain Economic Prosperity.

With tourism having contributed approximately JA$62.2 billion in revenue to the Government coffers in 2017, accounting for 12.1 per cent of total recurrent revenue, stakeholders say the industry is now indisputably Jamaica’s best bet in the quest to attain economic prosperity. Portfolio Minister, Edmund Bartlett, who heads the many persons articulating this view, points to […]

JMMB Group Launches JMMB Express Finance (T&T) Limited.

Musk and Tesla Have Been Busy Shaking Up The Auto Industry

While traditional carmakers worry about trade wars, Tesla Inc. has been busy shaking up the auto industry in a different way. The company built more than 5,000 Model 3 sedans in the last week of the second quarter, finally exceeding a long-sought production target critical for Elon Musk’s goal of bringing electric cars to the […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.

Google To invest $550 million in Chinese e-commerce site JD.com

Google is investing $550 million in cash in China’s JD.com as the U.S. search giant pushes deeper into online commerce. The pair say they plan to explore joint development of retail solutions in regions, including Southeast Asia, the U.S. and Europe. The deal comes just a week after Google struck an alliance with Carrefour to […]

Coca-Cola The Next Industry Giant To Jump Into The Cannabis Drinks Business.