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First Rock Brings Jamaican Expertise to the Region

First Rock Brings Jamaican Expertise to the Region


Photo: First Rock Co Founder and Chairman Dr. Micheal Banbury (left) and company CEO Ryan Reid discuss the upcoming advancements 

First Rock Capital Holdings Limited shifts gear for another fulfilling year even greater capital distribution through real estate and private equity prospects, with the aim of boosting income levels and driving tax- efficiency.  President and co-founder, Ryan Reid, describes the company as the most exclusive shareholder-centric establishment, as he believes that there is a market for the union of real estate and investment opportunities.

The company’s investment  strategy was affirmed by $2.5 billion in capital raised from private investors recently, which allowed them to close on a large commercial property in Half Way Tree, which represents a deployment of $400 million, with occupants. Moreover, First Rock has acquired properties measuring a little over an acre in upper St. Andrew and other affluent environments.

With a year of financial and investment successes under its belt, First Rock has already availed itself of capital in a luxury villa development on the north coast.

According to Ryan Reid, president, and co-founder of First Rock,  “the company is spreading its wings across the real estate sectors and continues to positively emboss its imprint on the market. With the company’s expertise and achievement over a short period, there is no doubt that our hard work will unremittingly transcend to higher heights, especially with the well-equipped management team.”

First Rock’s latest move has seen the company venture into the Costa Rican market, staking solid acquisitions with laudable and established developers which adds to the recent purchases in Florida and Cayman; with several other overseas acquisitions to follow.

“The vision for First Rock is to build a brand and a company that constantly breaks ground through innovative real estate investments. We aim to bring the Caribbean even closer together by deploying similar styles across the region. Our business is registered in Jamaica and St. Lucia with a Costa Rian outfit as well, so certainly, the aim is to expand and drive development in the region with Jamaican expertise” continued Reid.

The ‘Jamaican expertise’ he attributes to the company’s well experienced board and stakeholders including construction maverick YP Seaton, Real Estate guru Pierre Shirley and in house Legal and Compliance Officer Jordan Chin.

“What we have done at First Rock is groundbreaking and really presents our shareholders with the unique opportunity of holding real estate in the markets in which we are active. unlike most other assets real estate rarely ever devalues. Certainly our expertise has made this amazing because it’s not just about purchasing property, we look at the stability of the market, the ease of doing business and opportunity for further development,among other key factors,” continued Reid.

Set to unveil major moves before year end, the heavily youth driven enterprise wants to expand the pinnacle experience across an illustrious career in real estate and investments.