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The 2018 BMW M4 Review


BMW’s M4 has been a success at carrying the torch of the original M3 (the iconic M3 moniker has survived only on the four-door version, originally an afterthought). The downgrade from a high-revving V-8 to a twin-turbocharged inline-six has mostly helped the car. The lower peak revs and slightly less satisfying sound are offset by its higher, more accessible torque, and the lighter engine pairs well with the six-speed manual. For those who won’t be bothered rowing through gears manually, an equally competent seven-speed dual-clutch automatic is available, too.

BMW is upgrading the M4 for 2018 with only the slightest of facelifts. Unlike on the lesser 4-series models, BMW hasn’t touched the M-specific front and rear fascias. What it has done is replace the head- and taillights with the latest units. And that means the M4 gets more angular, rather futuristic LED eyes up front, while the rear sports new taillights with flowing graphics. The overall shape is unchanged front and rear, but brand aficionados should be able to spot the new light signature.

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