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The Latest Product And Platform Innovations From Google IO 2018 – Video


Google has introduced a number of new products and technology upgrades at its recent annual developer conference that showed the internet giant lagging behind Apple Inc. and Amazon.com Inc. in some areas, while driving home its superiority in artificial intelligence.

One notable new service seeks to tackle Tech Addiction, as Google also wants the public to use their phone less. Many tech companies are looking to free people from their devices, but Google is one of the first to show off tools.

The company has announced a new Dashboard tool for Android phones that lets users monitor how long they’re watching YouTube videos or using other apps.

Another new product feature called Duplex, which is part of the Google Assistant, is a voice-controlled system that answers questions and performs an increasing array of tasks on command, with a demonstration on stage calling small businesses to book appointments. Google Assistant also is getting some new voices, including musician John Legend’s.

Gmail will now Write Your Emails using AI, a type of software that learns automatically from data, rather than having to be hand-coded.

Smart Compose for Gmail, is a technology that predicts the next words or phrases as people type an email. It takes Gmail a step further beyond Smart Replies, a feature from a few years ago which suggests appropriate responses to emails.

The company also introduced a Visual Positioning System, a new way for people to find their way around with Maps using their phone cameras and Google’s augmented-reality and computer-vision technology.

The feature tackles a common problem when using Google Maps for walking directions: The Maps application also got some functionality similar to Apple Maps and Yelp to point users toward suggested places.