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Jamaica Has Been Repositioned In A “Whole New Light” In The Eyes Of Its Creditors.

Jamaica Has Been Repositioned In A “Whole New Light” In The Eyes Of Its Creditors.


Finance and Public Service Minister, Audley Shaw, says the Government plans to build on Jamaica’s good standing with its international creditors, as a result of notable improvements in several areas of the economy.

Among these are stabilisation of the macroeconomic environment, debt reduction, fiscal discipline, and maintaining inflation within the four to six per cent range, all of which are targets under the country’s Precautionary Stand-By Arrangement with the International Monetary Fund.

Speaking at a recent Mayberry Investments monthly Investor Forum, Mr. Shaw said consequent on these notable economic out-turns, coupled with others on the “cusp of fruition”, Jamaica has been repositioned in a “whole new light” in the eyes of its creditors.

He noted that this more favourable view was evidenced in the outcome of the Government’s bold and successful entry into the international bond market last August, to raise US$300 million for budgetary support.

The Minister reiterated that the bond offer was oversubscribed 10 times, with orders amounting to US$3 billion.
Mr. Shaw said with this “massive” oversubscription at their disposal, the Government opted to take US$1 billion, “and simultaneously used the opportunity to redeem more expensive local and international debt”.

He indicated that yields for the US$1 billion borrowed were five per cent on bonds due in 2028, and 6.5 per cent for those due in 2045, historical lows in the international capital markets for Jamaica.

The Minister also highlighted IMF Managing Director, Christine Lagarde’s commendation of the Government’s efforts in achieving macroeconomic stability and fiscal discipline, and further debt reduction, given during her two-day working visit to Jamaica last November.

Mr. Shaw said the Administration intends to build on this and the international creditors’ favourable view of Jamaica. Adding further that with some considerable certainty they were going to continue to grow the economy.BM