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Advanced Integrated Systems Launches Medical Practice Management System

Advanced Integrated Systems Launches Medical Practice Management System


Photo Caption: Minister of Health Dr Christopher Tufton (centre) tries out the DynoSense device under the watchful eyes of Suresh Tarigopula CEO Suvarna Technosoft (India) (left) and Douglas Halsall Chairman of Advanced Integrated Systems on Tuesday at the Pegasus Hotel, during the launch of the PAS-MD Healthcare Management Systems.

The Caribbean’s leading healthcare technology provider, Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS) yesterday launched its Medical Practice Management System, (PAS-MD), which offers a number of features to enable the comprehensive management of a doctor’s practice and larger medical facilities. Features of PAS-MD include a patient scheduling, patient information, billing, insurance claims processing, electronic lab requisition, PAS Health apps for both doctors and patients, a payment gateway and several others.

Doug Halsall, Chairman and CEO of Advanced Integrated Systems, says PAS-MD compliments the existing first world systems that the company presently provides. “We are always looking for ways to continuously improve systems and procedures using technology. As a consequence we have some of the best in the world. We keep changing with the technology and ensure that our systems are always up to date with the latest requirements.

Mr. Halsall says PAS-MD will allow for doctors and patients to communicate through telemedicine.

“The first world is investing more in Telemedicine, which will allow for remote healthcare, and that is where we need to be. The technology can easily be integrated with UHWI’s Health Information Management System. This will allow doctors to do consultations and monitor health conditions remotely, rather than in person or in office. This will change healthcare especially for bed ridden individuals or those who have difficulty with mobility,” Halsall noted.

He says there are existing components of Telemedicine so the transition should not be difficult. “Our approach to Telemedicine, will allow for real time health information that can facilitate proactive care and immediate diagnosis, that can significantly impact patient management leading to more positive health outcomes while reducing costs,” Halsall explained.

This system will also allow for e-Prescriptions, which is a major step for Jamaica. AIS aims to revolutionize access to health care resulting in cost reduction and more efficiency management.

Along with its partners Suvarna out of India, AIS is also presently providing and implementing PAS-PIMS for Pharmacy Management and PAS-HIMS for hospitals. PAS-HIMS is now being implemented at the University Hospital of the West Indies which will soon be fully digitised.

For the past twenty years, AIS has provided solutions to consistently improve business processes and user/patient interaction. Through the development of several health sector management systems including the Provider Access System (PAS), an online real time adjudication platform being utilized by major insurance companies, over 5000 healthcare providers and government and private pharmacies, Jamaica’s health sector management has been tremendously improved. The country boasts one of the more advanced technology in healthcare especially with the Caribbean Drug Codes database, which facilitates coding and tracking of over the counter and prescription drugs and their formulae.

Dr. Christopher Tufton Minister of Health welcomed the move saying that the technology will propel us further and we should embrace it.

PAS-MD is already in use by several medical practices.