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WOMEN IN BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT – Advancing Gender Balance In the Workplace

WOMEN IN BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT – Advancing Gender Balance In the Workplace


Advancing Gender Balance In the Workplace

The queen represents the most powerful piece in the
game of chess. She is able to move any number of squares
vertically, horizontally or diagonally. If a simple, ancient
game such as chess can so immediately and intimately
understand the power and importance of a woman…..
why then do we struggle to do so in the workplace?

Promoting gender equality in the workplace is not only
the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. A
growing body of evidence shows that utilizing the skills
and talents of both men and women is beneficial for
enterprise bottom line results and for society in general.

The Gender Equality Model notes the following
outcomes when attention is placed on workplace gender

• Improved labour environment within the firm,
• Better communication between management,
• An increased number of women in managerial
positions increased productivity
• Reduction in salary gaps and
• Reduction in maternity-related discrimination.

Worldwide, female participation in the labor force
participation is lower than that of men. Moreover, women
often work in the informal economy and are more likely
to be unpaid for their work or face significant wage gaps.

The report, “Women, Work and the Economy,” published
by the International Monetary Fund, highlights how
this gender inequality in the work force hurts economic
growth. The report reveals that closing gender gaps in
the labor market would raise GDP in the United States
by 5 percent, in the United Arab Emirates by 12 percent,
and in Egypt by 34 percent.

To advance the concept of gender balance in your
workplace, consider changing the approach to daily
business activities. For example:

1. Building an inclusive culture in your workplace.
This can be done by developing core values that your
organization adheres to and displaying them in the
office prominently. Work to foster effective teaming at
monthly meetings, host guest speakers on the topic of
gender equality or share stats on gender-based violence
to encourage dialogue.

2. Encourage staff to take the HeforShe Commitment.
HeForShe is a solidarity movement for gender equality
that brings together one half of humanity in support of
the other half of humanity, for the benefit of all. (Learn
more: heforshe.org)

3. Create diverse work groups with gender balanced
leadership. This serves to nurture more productive
working relationships, courageous conversations about
projects and supports the upskilling of everyone in the
organization. Provide equal access to opportunity and
career advancement.

Further, “Investing in Women’s Employment,” published
by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), confirms
that better employment opportunities for women can
also contribute to increased profitability and productivity
in the private sector. BM

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