Home RANKINGS Caribbean Peer Awards 2018 Caribbean Peer Awards set to recognize the very best in advertising and marketing for 2016-2017
2018 Caribbean Peer Awards set to recognize the very best in advertising and marketing for 2016-2017

2018 Caribbean Peer Awards set to recognize the very best in advertising and marketing for 2016-2017


Kingston Jamaica: It’s coming back and with an anticipated bang, unfolding in what is expected to be a black tie red carpet affair April 2018 at a location in New Kingston Jamaica.

The 2018 Caribbean Peer Awards will continue to live up to its mantra of “there’s no greater recognition” as recognition of your peers.

And so come April 2018 we will all get a chance to see who the “Peers” regard as among the very best the industry has to offer. Advertising agencies, independent, shops, freelancers and even some clients around the region will get to show us all the phenomenal work they produced throughout the year 2016 and 2017 and just as important, how that work is working for their clients.

2016  going into 2017 was by all accounts a very tough year for the agency and media business, but we still expect the best out there to rise to the challenge and develop innovative channels for making money, for themselves and their clients.

The Caribbean Peer Awards essentially is looking for companies and individuals that are coming up with creative and effective solutions to clients’ business problems, with meaningful, measurable results that back up the claim. And in this regard “creative”  does not necessarily mean the most beautiful or edgy TV or print advertisement, but rather the most creative thinking about around a problem.


About The Caribbean Peer Awards

The 9th staging of this event as it has in the past will attract professional marketers and advertisers from all over Jamaica and the region. This will be a red carpet and Black Tie event and is expected to attract an estimated 150 attendees.

The Peer Awards Foundation will be using this and subsequent events to raise much-needed funds to undertake the work of the foundation going forward.

The goal of the Peer Awards Foundation is to make the event regional. Having staged the event in Jamaica since 1998, with the last staging in 2010, it was felt that competing on a regional level would be far more beneficial for all concerned. It would also provide a platform and avenue for more regional cooperation.

The real benefit of a regional event such as the Caribbean Peer Awards is that it encourages everybody within the industry to strive, excel and be recognized. This is presently lacking and the Caribbean Peer Awards will be one such avenue.

The Peer Awards Foundation who is hosting the event as part of its fund raising activities will begin accepting submissions on its website for the annual awards that honors the best creative from around the region.  Last held in 2010 The Peer Awards Foundation recognized four individuals who have and continue to make a sterling contribution to Caribbean advertising, marketing and media, Lester Spaulding chairman RJR Communications Group, Neville Blythe former owner of CVM Communications Group, Peter Webley founder and owner of Caribbean Today and Ken Gordon of Caribbean Communications Network (CCN).

The Caribbean Peer Awards Academy | Voting Protocol

Voting in the Peer Awards is restricted to professional marketers, in that they perform a marketing function for which they are paid. Qualified marketers are invited to Apply For Membership into the Peer Awards Academy and will among other benefits be allowed the rights and privileges to vote in the Peer Awards each year.

All applications are subject to acceptance by the Executives of The Peer Awards Academy.

Important Events And Dates To Note (subject to change)

1. Nomination accepted on the website www.businessuiteonline.com – November 1st , 2017 – December 31st , 2017

2. First round of voting on the website www.businessuiteonline.com- January 1st, 2018 – January 20th, 2018

3. Announcement of the final Nominees scheduled for January 2018 venue to be announced

4. Second round of voting on the websitewww.businessuiteonline.com – February 1st, 2018 –February 14th, 2018

5. The 2018 Caribbean Peer Awards April 2018 Kingston Jamaica.

2018 Sponsorship Opportunities

2018 Nomination Categories

For more information please contact
Aldo Antonio
Executive Director
The Peer Awards Foundation
1-876- 280-9192 or 542-3719 or 630-2216

The Caribbean Peer Awards


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