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Continued Service-Based Leadership Transformation At Massy Holdings.

Continued Service-Based Leadership Transformation At Massy Holdings.


This year, we charged ourselves with the task of transforming the leadership of the organisation by changing and clearly articulating the expectations of Massy leaders, across all businesses. The expectations are based on more service oriented, values-based leadership, which is recognised as essential to the sustained success of the Group.

The roll-out of the new expectations of Massy leaders commenced with a number of workshops conducted by a diverse group of Senior Executives, who created a space for full understanding and appreciation of the responsibilities which are expected of all Massy leaders.

These expectations are:
To Have a Conscious Awareness of Self;
To Serve Our People;
To Cultivate Enduring Relationships;
To Achieve Values-Based Results and
To Co- Create the Future of the Group.

There is a full understanding that these expectations will need to be supported by training, coaching and performance management programmes, which are being implemented as well.

2016 also marked a year of many leadership changes at the Executive Committee level.

In March 2016, Angélique Parisot- Potter joined Massy as the Group Senior Vice President, Legal, following the retirement of Judith Bowen. A lawyer with over 20 years of experience, prior to joining Massy, Angélique worked with BG Group (now Shell) for 15 years, with her last position being the Vice President, Human Resources and Administration for its Egypt Office.

Bruce Mackenzie also joined the team as the Group Strategy and Business Development Officer. Bruce, who is no stranger to the Group, was the Business Development Manager for the then Neal & Massy Energy Group, before moving to become the CEO of ASCO Trinidad Limited; 3 years later, he has returned to the Group.

Peter Graham, who having led the Group’s Industrial Gases Business Unit in Jamaica, spent the last 3 years as the CEO of Massy Gas Products (Trinidad) Ltd. In October 2016, Peter assumed the role of Country Manager for Massy’s interests in Jamaica, and was promoted to become the Chairman of the Industrial Gases Line of Business in the Energy & Industrial Gases Business Unit (E&IGBU).

In 2016, we created the Financial Services Line of Business (FSLOB), separating the Consumer Finance LOB from the Integrated Retail Business Unit (IRBU) and combining it with the Insurance LOB. While there remain great synergies between the Integrated Retail operations and Consumer Finance, the Group believes that its regulated entities would be better run together, with the increasing demands for compliance with intensifying regulations. Howard Hall, who has been the CEO of Massy United Insurance Ltd. for the last 5 years was promoted to become the Chairman of the Financial Services LOB in March 2016.

David Jardim, who had been the CEO of Massy Motors for the last 7 years, was promoted to become the Chairman of the Automotive & Industrial Equipment Line of Business (A&IELOB) in March 2016 and Natalie Karamath, Marketing and New Car Sales Manager, was promoted to take over as the CEO of Massy Motors at the same time. David O’Brien, Group Executive Vice President, took on the additional leadership of the Financial Services LOB in addition to existing portfolio of the A&IELOB.

In 2017, the Group will continue to roll-out its Leadership Transformation Programmes throughout the Group. This will include Listening Leadership, facilitated by in-house certified professors and a series of other programmes, some internally led and some externally provided for people in leadership roles, as well as for front-line supervisors and professionals.

The Group recognises the importance of service as a competitive advantage and will continue to invest in its Customer Service Management System and Customer Service measurement through the use of American Customer Service IndexTM (ACSI) surveys.

The Group now has approximately 12,000 employees and fully recognises the challenge of its transformation undertaking. Great progress has already been achieved on the journey, and the Group is confident that it will eventually get a “Service-Based” culture embedded throughout all of its operations.

Edited from Gervase Warner President & Group Chief Executive Officer Report published in the 2016 Massy Holdings Annual Report