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A Lifelong Philosophy About Being Successful And Creating Wealth

A Lifelong Philosophy About Being Successful And Creating Wealth


I have a lifelong philosophy about being successful and creating wealth; it speaks to behaviours that once consistently applied over the long term would redound to wealth and success for all.

The three key ingredients I encourage businesses and individuals to consider are:

  1. Reputation – How will my behaviour today advance my reputation?
  2. Differentiation – How am I going to differentiate myself from the competition and everyone
  3. Needs – How am I addressing clients’ needs?

Today, I am truly proud to lead an organisation that continues to not only demonstrate but fulfil this philosophy of success and wealth creation where the ultimate end state is shareholder value consistently applied through a keen observance of the three tenets of success.

The consistent accomplishment of strong business performance by NCB underscores how vision and strategy align to produce desired results. This emphasis on consistent improvement continues to be validated in the enhanced performances realised by NCB year over year and this is not only admirable but encouraged across all facets of our society.

NCB has achieved commendable profits of $14.45 billion and improvements in shareholders’ value seen through key metrics. We have earned numerous local and international recognitions and awards that continue to independently validate the impact of our business strategies.

We close another exciting year for National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) and as we assess and report on our performance for financial year 2015/2016, on behalf of the Board of Directors I wish to thank my NCB team and all stakeholders for your ardent support and contribution which resulted in the credible outcomes recorded.

We continued to innovate, embracing our role as leaders in the industry. We continued to improve the quality of service experience of our customers, our operations and efficiencies, develop the capabilities and skill sets of our team, build the communities in which we serve; particularly through the concerted efforts of our N.C.B. Foundation; and we managed in a challenging marketplace. We have long been taking this approach but have renewed our commitment as we look to the years ahead, determined to raise the BAR and further build on these characteristics that continue to make us who we are.

We maintain our passion and determination to provide our stakeholders with the value they have come to expect from us along with new and emerging service options and conveniences that underscore our deep drive to transform the way we operate and do business.

As an organisation, NCB joins in the collective vision for Jamaica’s economic growth, and looks forward to the country turning the corner on many of the challenges we face in our environment, so that we can realise an ecosystem that fosters economic growth for all sectors.

At year end, NCB continued to demonstrate strong shareholder value. We look forward to the opportunities that the new year brings, and intend to be consistent in our behaviour that fosters growth and development as we seek to maximize wealth for all our shareholders.

We look forward to your continued commitment and support for the new year.

Edited Extract From The Chairman’s Message NCB Annual Report 2015/16
Hon. Michael Lee-Chin, O.J.